You’re Not The Ultimate Grill Master Until You Have This Tool

I think I’ve heard one too many people call themselves the “grill master.” 

They’ve got the apron, they’ve got the grill, and they’ve got the meat (or veggies!), but the WORST tools. 

What kind of self-respecting grill master treats his or her protein with such disrespect? Stabbing a perfectly good steak with a dingy old fork? Or trying to flip a patty with some tiny spatula that leaves perfectly good food behind?

Even the chefs who think they have the right tool are weighing themselves down more than they realize. They’ve got to run back to the kitchen every 30 seconds to grab the fork, the knife, then of course, the bottle opener. 

It’s starting to get a little tiresome, people, especially to me: a TRUE grill master. 

I’ve been in love with grilling ever since I was tall enough to see above the grill plate. My dad used to teach me all he knew. Some of my favorite memories are behind that grill, sharing a beer before I was technically old enough. 

Last grilling season I came across what has to be the absolute best thing to happen to grilling since the classic burger patty…

It’s called the FlipFork, and even though I’d recommend it to all grilling levels, it has made this expert grill master’s game the best it’s ever been.

What’s The FlipFork?

The FlipFork is a patented, all-in-one, all-you-need utensil that makes cooking and grilling enjoyable and effective. 

FlipFork will be your new best friend whenever you’re cooking, grilling, or even drinking. It’s kind of crazy how much this one item does for a chef. But for our purposes here today, I want to focus on how this incredible multi-tool helps you at the grill.

What The FlipFork Can Do

The FlipFork has just one convenient, anti-microbial handle, but the other end is where the magic happens. It includes:

  1. A spatula – large enough to flip a 42oz Porterhouse and smooth enough to slide seamlessly under whatever it is you’d like to flip. 
  2. A knife – sharpened by an expert bladesmith, and tough enough to slice through meats like butter
  3. A tenderizer – This is one of the key ways to take your meats to the next level. Make them nice and tender. 
  4. A fork – one of those things people tend to forget at the grill. Then they always have to run back inside and leave their food unattended. This fork is nice and precise for scooping even delicately thin meats and veggies. 
  5. A bottle opener – one of the reasons I love to cook with this when I’m at my dad’s. Crack open a cold one with this handy multi-tool, then get right back to cooking. 

Each of the Features Would Be Phenomenal On Its Own

After spending several combined decades on the grill, my father and I have tried our fair share of tools. 

The FlipFork is of course convenient because all of the tools come in one package: this means less spending, less hassle, and less cleaning. But even if the tools were somehow split, they each truly hold their own. Even the specialty tools that just focus on one thing don’t compare to these. 

The knife really deserves an award. The FlipFork’s sharpening style was actually designed by an expert bladesmith. For my family, it has also stood the test of time and still slices right through some pretty heavy meats. 

The spatula is also a griller’s dream. Before having the FlipFork I actually used to keep two at the grill — one for larger cuts and one for smaller pieces of food. The FlipFork perfectly solved that problem and is nimble enough to pick up even delicate slices of fish but strong enough to pick up the 42oz T-Bone I whipped up the other day. 

And the tenderizer? I was pleasantly surprised that they thought of that. Tenderizing your meats is an important step that most people skip — but not FlipFork. 

The bottle opener was also just such a nice personal touch. Showed me that they’ve got a great team behind the product. The kind of people you’d want to get a beer with, you know?

Grill Masters Should Also Consider Safety

I also believe that any responsible captain of the meal put safety first, at all times. 

Especially with alcohol, fire, and possibly little kids running around, you have to keep your eye on the ball. 

Did you know that the easiest way to cut yourself with a knife is to use a poor quality or dull one? The harder and more vigorously you need to slice and dice, the more likely you have an accident and cut yourself. The caliber of the knife is unparalleled and is one key way this tool keeps you safe. 

The convenience also makes sure you don’t have to take your eyes off the meal and waste time having to run back and forth or grab different things. 

The FlipFork is also heat resistant up to 1,000 degrees and is constructed with 100% high-quality stainless steel. This, in turn, makes it rust and corrosion-resistant, which ensures both the safety and the taste of the food itself. 

And last but not least, the handle is antimicrobial. I think we all know why it’s important to avoid germs.

And Don’t Forget Cleanup

The utensil is dishwasher safe, so you can just throw the whole thing in the top rack or the utensil area.

Not only is it dishwasher safe, but it’s technically just one tool! So you don’t have to clean a million different things or put them away either. Just drop it in the dishwasher and go!

The FlipFork Helps Create The Memories You Want at the Grill

At the end of the day, it really is about enjoying the time you spend together when you’re cooking. 

Some of my absolute best memories are at the grill, and with the FlipFork, I finally get to thoroughly enjoy the company I’m cooking for. 

Instead of being distracted, flustered, and frustrated by keeping track of a million different tools specific to each need, I just grab one single, wonderful, effective FlipFork and rest assured that all of my grilling, beer-drinking, and cleaning needs are taken care of.

Get Cooking With the FlipFork

Whether you’re a kitchen chef, a total beginner, or a grill master, the FlipFork has what you need. 

The spatula, fork, tenderizer, bottle opener, and knife all work seamlessly together to bring you the cooking experience you deserve. You won’t have to worry about cleaning a bunch of tools, and you won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong ones. 

No matter what your level, FlipFork brings an entirely new experience to cooking in the best possible way. If you want to bring the enjoyment back to cooking or increase your skill level, the FlipFork is certainly worth a try. And if on the off chance you’re not happy, you can get every penny back, no questions ask. Get one on its way to your house today.